BBB service will be discontinued as of June 1 2023. You have until then to download videos of lectures etc.

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The faculty of TBM at TU Delft has set up this instance of BigBlueButton as a pilot for faculty, staff and students at TU Delft and elsewhere to use for online learning during the closure of the university due to measures to contain the COVID-19 Pandemic. Feel free to use it, but we do not provide any guarantees on the availability and reliability of this service!

For more information on using BigBlueButton, watch this tutorial

New Features on

Ensure that only TU Delft users join your room!

You can now limit access to rooms to authenticated TU Delft users to prevent 'zoombombing'.

Pre-Upload Presentations!

You can now change the presentation shown when a room starts. This is especially useful if users can start the room before you join!

To upload a new presentation, go to the room settings and upload one from your PC.

Configure whether your room can be recorded!

You can enable recordings for your rooms in their settings any time you want between sessions. If one of your rooms has the option to be recorded, consent from users will be collected before they join the session.

By default, rooms no longer enable recordings for privacy reasons.

Have more fine-grained controll about the visibility of your recordings!

In the webinterface, you now have three options for publishing recordings via a drop-down menu:

Private: This is the default setting. The recording exists, but you cannot access it via the Internet.

Unlisted: With this setting, you can access the recording (via the link behind 'Presentation'). Everyone with the link can watch the recording, until you set it back to private.

Public: With this setting, the recording will also be listed on the public start-page of your online meeting room. Convenient, if you want to make several lecture recordings publicly accessible to your students.

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